1947 - Establishment of the company in Casirate d’Adda by Mr. Colombo Marcello.
Development in the mechanical’s field and cam design.
Company transformation from SNC to SRL in 1953.
Technological achievements : Pre–setting motorcyclist gearbox innovative system.
1953 - Costantino Bettinelli established in Crema CR, BETTINELLI Officine Meccaniche sdf; a laboratory for turning of small metal parts.
1953-1960 - Later the company developed two distinct lines of production, one line dedicated to the production of gas burners for industrial kilns and stoves and one line dedicated to the production of stators for electric motors.
Specialization in cam for Industrial machines.
Technological achievements : first and, at that time, unique cam grinding machines European producer.
1960-1970 - The company specializes in precision mechanical components manufacturing for various clients in different fields which produced automatic machines.
Cam profiles standardization. Technological achievements : Cam development for punching arms in first generation calculator and cams for large marine motors in order to reverse propeller rotation.
1970-1979 - Bettinelli F.lli starts it's own production of special purpose assembly machines and currently entered into the production of cam actuated mechanical index drives, considered an important components in any style of automatic machinery.
1979 - upon the sudden loss of the founder –Constantino Bettinelli, the company management was taken over by his two sons Ferdinando and Vincenzo Bettinelli. The company was committed to continued growth characterized by a strong and dynamic innovative spirit.
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Development of the standard products of boxed indexers. Relocated to current Industrial complex covering an area of over 40.000 sq meters.
Technological achievements : First in Europe for the design and construction of Parallel and globoidal Index drive.
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1986 - The company relocated from the original plant in Crema CR to Bagnolo Cremasco CR in the ex De Magistris SpA site, an industrial district of 25.000 m2.
The plant, built in 1923, is an historic Industrial site that has been renovated to fit the needs of an expanding and modern industrial complex, with the utmost respect for the original historical character of the site.
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Foreign market penetration and technological development for machine tools with the establishment of Colombo Filippetti Torino (1987).
Certification path: UNI EN 29002 obtained in 1993, and afterward with 9002 in 1996 and than 9001 in 2003. Company transformation from SRL to SPA in 1995.
Technological achievements : First in the world for the production of tool changing using single cam with double and globoidal profile.
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1991 - Restructuring was initiated for the family property. By means of a leverage buy-out, the company was transitioned into a joint-stock company to best promote its industrial growth and development.
1993 - Development of a new mechanical linear transfer for in-line automatic machines. The precision link conveyor, TL Series, completed the range of standard transmission components offered to automatic machine builders.
1997 - The company was reorganized into different operating division bases by setting up two business units:
CB Automazione, specialized in automatic assembly lines with a specific focus on the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
Cam Driven Systems, specialized in precision cam driven devices with a specific focus on the global automatic machine builder network industry. CDS borrowed a registered Brand (European Union trademark database, CTM, Number: 000559377) starting a new approach to the global marketing strategy.
1998 - Bettinelli F.lli SpA’ manufacturing process is awarded ISO 9001 certification. Quality System certificate No. 1022/4 date July 20th, 1998. Bettinelli F.lli SpA, with its recognized capabilities, demonstrates its strategic role of preferred partner for domestic and global companies.
1999 - The company continues to enlarge its product range by acquiring a participation of 50 % in API srl, a small manufacturing firm specialized in semi-automatic packaging machines for hygienic soft disposable products.
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Growth of the collaborative engineering relationship with customers and development of special products focused to achieve the optimal performance of cam system machinery. Implemented internal ERP system (SAP) for customer support.
Accredited supplier CRIT Research (upon presentation of GD- Coesia Group) from 2007. Technological achievements : First serial manufacturer of spherical cam.
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2000 - CDS branch office is established in Sparta, New Jersey, U.S.A. Combined with the support of BETTINELLI F.lli Spa’s Research & Development, a full range of automatic packaging machines for hygiene soft disposables was launched by API srl.
A company project for technological innovation was approved by M.I.U.R., an Italian public body, linked to University networks, to support the scientific research (Lex 46/82 - INNOVAZIONE TECNOLOGICA Rif. 6036/DSPAR/0).
The project consisted of the realization of an innovative multi axis CNC machine for the induction hardening of any kind of cam profile, integrated with the CAE – CAD – CAM company process. It gives the company a unique competitive advantage among the most recognized global competitors.
The company started the era of global development strategy and brand strategy; the brand “Cam Driven Systems” (registered in the European Trademark Database, CTM number 000559377) is associated to the business unit specialized in precision cam driven indexers.
2001 - A financial partnership has been consolidated with Fin.P.A. s.a. Luxemburg. The partnership is finalized to support the company’s international growth plan.
2003 - To strengthen the trading presence in the U.S., a project for the develop of the branch CDS Corp US was started with the financial support of S.I.M.E.S.T. S.p.A, operation n° 2661/394.
The participation in API srl, was increased to the 75 % taking over the company control.
2004 - The company’s organization structure has been rationalized with the real estate property spin-off by the creation of B.R.E srl, Bettinelli Real Estate.
2006 - Setting up a business unit H.C.S., acronym of Hardware Components and Software, specialized in flexible machine intelligence platforms for automatic assembly and in-process control lines with a specific focus on medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries; brand registered in the European Union trademark database, CTM, at Number: 005282645.
CB Automation Assembly Technology brand was registered in the European Union trademark database, CTM, at Number: 005287933.
2007 - Registration of a new brand MEDICAM to identify a specific production of CDS product, dedicated for clean room grade machine. Brand registered in the European Union trademark database (CTM) at Number: 005646252.
Two new models of servo driven packaging machine for hygiene soft disposables, Leonardo and Michelangelo, were launched by API srl. now traded as CB Packaging.
2008 - Set up of CDS GmbH Cam Driven Systems a branch office in Rain am Lech Germany.
Set up of B.A.C. Ltd, Bettinelli Automation Components, a Cam Driven Systems branch office in Pune, India.
2009 - In September 2009, Bettinelli F.lli SpA and Colombo Filippetti SpA signed a declaration of intent starting an aggregation project to be held on an equal-share basis.
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Special focus on extreme and special mechanisms: high speed and high capacity. Collaboration with our worldwide reference customers for high speed machinery projects.
Increase management ability in production through the support of SAP-APO system Technological achievements : Spherical-conical cam mechanism.
2012 - Started January 2013, the intention of the 2009 Aggregation Project have been turned into various formal policies that prompted the creation of the holding group, INMAN srl, in December 2012.
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2011 - As result of a development started in 2006 by HCS division, the “Electronic Cam”, a proprietary new software, has been implemented on the automated machines of CB Automation and CB Packaging.
The concept refers to a new approach to the automatic machine transmission which no longer functions as Cams mechanically linked to a main transmission but by independent servo motors linked to each other by the “Electronic Cam” software; thus at the position and at the speed of one of them, the main, correspond an assigned position and a precise speed of all the other.
The operation of the assembly and/or packaging process are managed as if a virtual chain is linking all devices that contribute to the functioning of the machine itself. That gives significant flexibility to the CB, assembly and packaging, machines, drastically reducing the time for process optimization and maintaining the highest standards of productivity.
2012 - Started January 2013, the intention of the 2009 Aggregation Project have been turned into various formal policies that prompted the creation of the holding group, INMAN srl, in December 2012.
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